Pain Management

One of the most difficult health issues to treat in animals is pain. Our experienced veterinarian at Silver Star Animal Hospital in Orlando, Florida is very well versed in recognizing the signs of pain and keeps up to date on the latest rehabs and medications for pain management.

Pain is typically classified as acute or chronic. Acute pain is usually due to sudden illness or injury. Your pet may whimper, withdraw from your family, or even become aggressive. If you notice these signs, then a trip to Silver Star Animal Hospital is in order. Our doctor will run diagnostic tests such as blood work and x-rays to identify the source of the pain. Acute pain is treated through surgery if necessary, and short term-high dose medication. Animals have a resounding ability to heal quickly, so lengthy treatment is not usually needed.

Chronic pain is most likely due to age-related issues such as arthritis, diabetic disease, obesity related injuries, and degenerative joint disease. This type of pain is usually treated with rehab exercises, special diets, corticosteroid treatments, and long term-low dose medications.