Silver Star Animal Hospital is not only a fully functioning animal hospital; it also boasts a great boarding facility on site. There are more and more of “pet motels” opening up, however what they do not tell you is that there is no medically appropriate personnel on staff in case your pet becomes ill while under their care or provide other health-related services. Maybe your vacation is a perfect time to have your pet receive all their yearly vaccinations and treatments and perhaps any minor procedures that need to be done. Our veterinarians and staff can accomplish this at Silver Star Animal Hospital while your pet stays in our facility. We offer separate boarding areas for dogs and cats, creating an environment that encourages calmness and peace of mind. While under the care of the staff at Silver Star Animal Hospital your pet will be given plenty of food and water as well as more than ample amounts of outdoor exercise. And do not be worried your pet will not be loved; our kennel staff enjoys showing their new furry friends love and compassion with plenty of petting, hugging and playing.

So for your next vacation, holiday, home renovation don’t stress about finding a sitter for your pet, drop them off at Silver Star Animal Hospital and we will take care of your pet as if they were our own!