How often should my pet have an exam and blood work?

Your pet should at minimum have an exam every year. At this exam they will receive yearly vaccination boosters, preventative medicines and physical exam. Blood work can be done on those wishing to evaluate their pet’s health a little further or in cases where the veterinarian deems it necessary to assess any health issues.

Why does my pet need a dental procedure?

If your pet is in need of a dental procedure it is most likely due to the likelihood of bacteria growth or even septic infection occurring. The most common dental procedure at Silver Star Animal Hospital is tooth extraction due to abscessed teeth. If untreated your pet will become septic and their health will suffer greatly and may even be fatal.

What if my pet has an after hours problem?

Silver Star Animal Hospital recognizes that not all emergencies happen during regular working hours. If you find yourself in need of emergency pet services please contact:
Veterinary Emergency Clinic
195 Concord Drive
Casselberry, FL 32707

What are heartworms and how can I prevent my pet from getting them?

A heartworm is a parasite that grows inside your pet’s heart and large arteries. In order to prevent your pet from getting heartworms The American Heartworm Society recommends preventative medicines such as injectable medicine, oral medicine and monthly medicines that can come in the form of tasty treats. Some preventative medicines also protect your pet from fleas and ticks as well.

When is pain management recommended for my pet?

Silver Star Animal Hospital never recommends letting pain go untreated. This can damage the quality of life for your pet. Our staff is trained to treat pain through several methods whether that pain is a dull aching from old bones or a sharp stabbing pain due to traumatic injury. Pain management can improve your pet’s outlook on life and give them the energy to be a member of the family once again!

What financing options do you offer and is payment expected at the time of service?

In order to bring the best quality of veterinary healthcare to the Orlando area, Silver Star Animal Hospital requires payment at time of service. If you find yourself unable to pay in full, we partner with Care Credit at They offer low interest monthly payments and will help you with your financial needs. Our office staff can answer any questions when you visit Silver Star Animal Hospital.

We know that your pets are part of your family and it is our mission to help ensure a long and healthy life for each and every one of them.

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